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Does Walking Help You Lose Weight?

Does Walking Help You Lose Weight?

Walking and weight loss are like love and marriage.  It’s hard to have one without the other. Walking works so well on a diet that it is the most recommended exercise prescribed by physicians at weight loss clinics.  It is possible to lose weight without walking but many times sustained weight loss comes with exercise and that normally starts with a simple walk each day. Walking is an excellent exercise that most everyone can do and doesn’t take a lot of motivation. We are often asked questions about what type of exercise we should be doing on the 3 day military diet plan and how does walking help you lose weight. The answer is walking helps with many aspects of your life and weight loss is just one of them!  Walking is great for you at all stages of life and is a great tool on the military diet because it is low intensity.  But just like all diets and exercise routines you must stick with it for it to work.

Walking and Weight Loss Go Hand in Hand

In order to lose weight you have to either cut back on calories or start burning more calories.  Many dieters don’t think that walking burns many calories because it seems effortless. You can certainly burn up to 100 calories a mile walking if you weight 180 lbs. (it’s about 2/3 that for a 120-pound person).  That might not sound like much it is very comparable to running.

The fact of calorie burning is that most of the calories are burned by your body just keeping up its natural life-sustaining activities.  Your body uses calories to breath, pump your heart, digest food, get nutrients to your cells, etc.  This is called the Resting Metabolic Rate, and it accounts for about 60 percent of the calories you burn each day. If you’re an average person, you need to eat between 1,000 and 1,400 calories per day to keep your heart beating.

Does walking help you lose weight just because of the calories burnt? – No. Walking will raise your metabolism and burn calories. But it will also build muscles that need to be “fed” throughout the day by your body.  Some studies show that many calories are burnt hours after the workout.

Walking 5 Miles a Day for Weight Loss

Walking is one of the easiest exercises available.  Just about anyone can walk.  Even small children have little trouble walking several miles a day. One of our most successful challenges  as part of our weight loss plan is challenging our dieters to walk 5 miles a day.  We don’t recommend you walk 5 miles a day while on the 3 day plan.  You may not have the energy for that.  But on the 4 days off we challenge you to walk 5 miles a day.

It is simpler than you think.  The hardest part about walking 5 miles a day is thinking about it. Walking works for weight loss.  Just make up your mind you will do it.  You’ll be surprised how easy it is once you’ve decided to do it.

It takes less time than you think.  Walking a mile will normally take the average person 20 minutes.  5 miles will take approximately 100 minutes or 1 hour and 40 minutes.

While you are walking 5 miles a day you can listen to music, talk with a friend (in person or on the phone), catch up on podcasts, enjoy nature, have time to your self, etc.  You will find quickly that your daily walk will be the most enjoyable part of your day.

You don’t have to set this time apart to just walk.  You can incorporate it into other parts of your day.  You have to go to the grocery store for just a few items?  Put on a backpack to carry the items home and set off on foot.  Have to drop your books off at the library?  Grab your walking shoes so you can enjoy outside for a bit.  You’ll save money on gas and feel much better about yourself.

You should commit to walking 5 miles a day even if the weather isn’t bright and warm.  My absolute favorite time to walk is when it is a little chilly outside.  The air is crisp and fresh.  The world seems more vibrant.  I don’t walk when there is a storm or a hurricane outside but not much else can stop me from walking.

For some walking will seem like a challenge.  But once you get started it will be hard to stop you.  You will burn up to 500 effortless calories, lose weight, and love the process of doing it.

Does Walking Help You Lose Weight If You Only Walk a Little?

Rome wasn’t built in a day and either is your walking work out.  I realize some will be intimidated by the walking 5 mile a day challenge.  We all have different bodies and we all start from different places/ages/weight/circumstances.  If you can’t walk 5 miles a day start with 3.  If you can walk 3 miles a day start walking 1 mile.  If you can’t walk 1 mile a day start by walking up the stairs a couple of times a day.  You need to start somewhere and you will be amazed at how quickly you will progress.

When you start walking you will begin burning calories and see yourself losing weight. With added weight loss your walking becomes easier each day.  Of course your muscles will build and you’ll have the added bonus of a leaner body and stronger muscles to keep your body a walking machine. But we do highly recommend that you start out small.  You may want to start for a just a few build up to where you can walk for 30 minutes a day with no problems. If this takes a couple of weeks or a couple of months it is still progress!

We realize that not everyone can walk a few miles every single day.  And If you can’t walk everyday try walking five times a week or maybe every other day.  The thing with walking is that the more you walk the more you will feel inclined to walk. Give it a try but don’t overdo it especially in the beginning.  Many get motivated to lose weight and lose weight fast.  We mentioned above how you shouldn’t walk 5 miles a day if you are on the 3 day diet.  But just as importantly don’t push yourself too hard.  Working out too hard makes it harder to work out the next day.  And that is the last thing we want to do.  Leave a little in the tank for the next day.  We are going for consistency.

Because you could easily end up hurting yourself you don’t want to overdo it when you first get started. It is also important to know that many people start walking but then fail to see it through on a regular basis.

You have to start walking on a daily basis or every other day if you want it to be effective for you. There are some different ways that you can use to help you stick with your walking schedule so that you keep the weight coming off and staying off.

Walking Chart for Weight Loss

There are many benefits to walking and we have established that walking does help you lose weight. If you can’t get fully behind the 5 miles a day challenge then you should at least try for a mile or two. Think of the effortless calories you can burn by walking the dog an extra mile or two a day.  It won’t be enough calories to burn off that extra donut you had at the office on Friday.  But we already know that you can’t out-exercise a bad diet.  Walking does work for weight loss and may be one of the best ways to to burn fat but it also may be on the most effective ways to boost your mental health.

Here’s a chart to show just how fast you can jump start your weight loss by walking.  The chart is based on taking 20 minutes to walk a mile.

Walking Chart for Weight Loss

Starting Weight in Pounds
1 Mile647790104118131144180
2 Miles128154180208236262288360
3 Miles192231270312354393432540
4 Miles256308360416472524576720
5 Miles320385450520590655720900

Does Walking Help You Lose Weight or Do You Need Something Harder?

So many ask does walking help you lose weight that we just have to think.  Walking and weight loss are two things that have worked well together in the past.  Walking and weight loss have worked so well in the past that our ancestors used to not be able to keep the weight on!  Walking is an excellent exercise to help you start losing the weight you want very easily. However you must stick with it for it to work. Does walking help you lose weight or just it just help muscle is the real question.  I think the answer is pretty clear.

When you walk you are raising your metabolism and burning fat. That is what is needed in order to lose weight for anyone. Plus walking is one of the easier exercises that anyone can do not matter your age.  The elderly, those with mobility issues, even children have no problem walking.

And if you are on a diet like the 3 day diet it best not to overdo things. It’s all about small victories when losing weight. Walking is a low impact exercise and there’s not much better for you to lose weight.. As you can easily see with a little research walking is the foundation for any weight-loss program.

We think that it is best if you start out small and increase your walking until you can walk for 30 minutes a day with no problems. You want to do this five times or more a week for the maximum results possible.  But just like all things, don’t overdo it.  You could easily end up hurting yourself you don’t want to overdo it when you first get started. It is also important to know that many people start walking but then fail to see it through on a regular basis.

You have to start walking on a daily basis or every other day if you want it to be effective for you. There are some different ways that you can use to help you stick with your walking schedule so that you keep the weight coming off and staying off.

So you can be sure that you use this exercise regularly without wanting to give up here are a few things you can do to make walking more fun. Giving up is the best way to never lose weight so find a way so that you don’t give up.

Tips to Help You Start Walking

1) Listen to music – Take your, Ipod, phone, or MP3 player and listen to music while you walk. This will help the time pass much quicker and give you something to think about besides the walking.

2) Walk with friends – This is a good way to enjoy yourself while walking as well is keep motivated about maintaining your schedule.

3) Only make yourself walk for 10 minutes.  That’s what you tell yourself when you leave the house.  If you want to come home after 10 minutes then you can.  If you feel like you can do more that day then great.  30 minutes is ideal but sometimes we can burn up all our willpower.

These are just a few way ways to make walking more enjoyable. The important thing is to find a way to make it more fun for you because sticking with it is required if you want this exercise to be effective for helping you lose weight.

Walking and weight loss will always go hand in hand because that is the best way to lose weight quickly. Anyone can walk on a regular basis if you just find a way to make it more enjoyable so start today and before you know it you will see the weight loss results you desire.

So let’s get committed to spending a little extra time walking each day. It may be just as simple as taking the stairs at work instead of the elevator. Walking each day pays huge dividends!


What to Eat after the 3 Day Military Diet and Other Tips

What to Eat after the 3 Day Military Diet

The 3 Day military diet is a strict eating regiment of 3 days. On days 4, 5, 6, & 7 you eat normally, preferably with a slight calorie deficit. See the FAQS for details.

So you’ve lost weight on the 3 day diet. You stuck to the plan for your 3 days and then didn’t go crazy on your 4 days off. You may have even repeated the cycle a few times. You lost weight because you ate less calories than you took in. Congratulations! The diet wasn’t that hard to adhere to but it may have been hard to say no to the many temptations that always pop up. It wasn’t necessarily that you were hungry. It is that chocolate/soda/salted caramel/etc. can be so fun. But you held off and stuck to the plan. Now what? What to eat after the 3 Day Military Diet? Surely there is more to life than a little bit of tuna and carrots at night.

You certainly can’t stay on the military diet for the rest of your life.  The military diet is cheap and it does give you balanced nutrition.  But it’s also not too fun eating the same thing day in and day out.  So now that you have the weight off how do we keep the weight from coming back on?  It is an all too common event that when someone who has lost weight ends up bouncing right back to their previous weight.  It may even be more common for someone to end up even heavier than they started.  Part of this is because of the fat cells in your body never really disappear.  And part of this is just plain bad habits.

We see the scenario where someone gains more weight than they started with often. It is especially true when willpower has been used to force themselves to lose weight.  At some point the dieter gives in and normally gives in in a big way.  I relate it to a rubber band that gets stretched.  It goes further and further back.  But when it does finally snap it hurts.  There aren’t many diets out there that work when they rely solely on willpower.  That is what is great about the 3 day military diet.  It is only 3 days out of seven.  And it is important that you keep to only those 3 days.  If we try and diet for days on end then we are likely to fail and sometimes fail harder than we have succeeded.  Also on the 3 day military diet we are fed 3 meals a day.  Some meals might leave us feeling a little unsatisfied but we will not be starving our bodies!

Keys to Keeping the Weight Off

Moderate Exercise is ParamountWhat to Eat after the 3 Day Military Diet

Exercise should be moderate.  We don’t want to give everything we have on every workout we undertake. Exercise fatigue is just as real as diet fatigue. Please don’t overdo it.  If you stretch that rubber band it will snap and you will never get those gym shoes back on again.  Instead try walking.  And walk for weeks before you take it up in intensity or duration. Or if walking doesn’t work try whatever moderate exercise you can.  The important point is to keep the momentum going.  Do something that you can easily maintain for at least 30 days.

We use walking because it is something that most everyone can do. Walking by itself is fantastic for you.  And if that is all you do all day then great!  You may eventually move up to jogging or even a marathon.  And those are fantastic goals.  But you have to start somewhere.  And you need to do something active almost every day.  If you sweep out the garage one day then you can skip the walk/run.  If you mow the lawn then you don’t have to lift the weights in your basement.  But you should have a goal to do something active every day.

What to Eat after the 3 Day Military Diet – Eat Naturally

Eat natural foods.  Eat fresh fruits and especially fresh vegetables.  Eat foods that you prepare yourself.  Eat foods that spoil.  I can’t trust something that is “edible” for months or even years.  Here are some ideas courtesy of Real Food for 100 days.

  1. Whole foods that are more a product of nature than a product of industryWhat to Eat after the 3 Day Military Diet 2
  2. Lots of fruits and vegetables (we recommend that you shop for these at your local farmers’ market)
  3. Dairy products like milk, unsweetened yogurt, eggs, and cheese
  4. 100% whole-wheat and whole-grains (find a local bakery for approved sandwich bread and check the Understanding Grains post for more info)
  5. Seafood (wild caught is the optimal choice over farm-raised)
  6. Only locally raised meats such as pork, beef, and chicken (preferably in moderation)
  7. Beverages limited to water, milk, all natural juices, naturally sweetened coffee & tea, and, to help the adults keep their sanity, wine and beer!
  8. Snacks like dried fruit, seeds, nuts and popcorn


What to Eat after the 3 Day Military Diet – Eat as Often as you Feel you Need to

We get the question sometimes if you should eat often or irregularly after the diet. This one comes with some controversy.  There will be some that say you should eat only a big meal around 1 or 2 p.m. and then light meals for breakfast or dinner.  There will be others that say you should avoid this food or avoid that food.

The science seems to be clear that if you can split out your meals () throughout the day then you will have a weight loss advantage.  The problem with this approach is that you tend to eat normally at each meal.  If you can eat mini-meals and feel good throughout the day then this is the way to go.  If you need a big meal around lunch then that is the way to go.  Trust in your body.  Everyone is different.  What works for you won’t work for your neighbor and vice a versa.

Eat when you are Hungry

One piece of advice that we feel is the most important piece of advice we can give is eat when you are hungry.  Yes it is important to only eat when your body tells you to.  But what we mean is that you should eat when you are really hungry.  This does take discipline but it pays enormous dividends.

  • Food tastes so much better when you are hungry. Ever heard that “hunger is the best sauce.”  No food tastes as good as food being eaten by a hungry person.
  • You are so much more satisfied after a nice meal that kept the “stomach sharks” from swarming.
  • You have lots of more time in your life to dedicate to other pursuits. Food is important.  But it doesn’t need to be central to your life.  You will get much more satisfaction out of meal than those fat chefs on TV that are always putting foie gras with every meal.
  • This teaches discipline that translates into other areas of your life.

We are not saying to starve yourself.  We are saying that is ok to be hungry before you chow down.  Our ancestors were hungry.  If I had to have a term for this type of eating I would call it mini-intermittent fasting.  And the health benefits of intermittent fasting are far too numerous to list.  We aren’t even advocating fasting. We are just saying don’t drop everything anytime your stomach says it would accept a little more food.  Let that hunger build.  If you think we are crazy give it a try.  I think you will be surprised are your results after a few days.

Say yes to the extras in Life

And finally we give you permission to enjoy your life.  It’s good to ask what to eat after the 3 Day Military Diet but it’s also important phentermine to your life.  It’s ok to say yes to the little extras in life.  You’ve worked hard.  You’ve put in the time.  You lost the weight.  The healthy body you now enjoy is the best gift you could have given yourself.  But it is ok to enjoy little treats every now and then.  You don’t want to go your whole life always on a diet.  But you do need to be careful.  We can’t let a little enjoyment turn into full indulgence.  Just try not to go overboard.  If that happens you may just find yourself on another 3 day military diet.

3 Day Military Diet Success Stories

3 Day Military Diet Success Stories

Welcome to one of the most exciting parts of the website, the military diet success stories. Below you will find the stories of a few on the diet that found success.  If you have had luck with the diet please feel free to share your military diet success stories with us.


I am very happy after using the 3-day military diet. It has saved my life. I weighed a whopping 230 lbs at just the age of 23 and I thought that I would never be the skinny little girl I was in middle school again. I was not this obese until I got to college and developed really unhealthy habits. The more overweight I became the more lethargic and apathetic I grew. Since I found this wonderful diet plan it has been a unique experience.  It definitely is a different type of diet. Some say that my story isn't one of the true a military diet success stories because I haven't reached my goal.  But these same people claim that it is a fad diet and you can't lose weight on it.

Well I have definitely lost weight on this deit.  Now not only do I feel a bit lighter but I am now more confident and more a self-reliant person. I was at my highest in March of 2015. I hated looking at that dumb scale in my bathroom. It was then in July 2015 that I started the 3 day diet. I told myself that if it’s the question of just 3 days then I would surely give it a try. And the results are there for everyone to see. I lost 10 lbs. in the first week itself and lost more than 70 lbs. in a total of two months. You really just have to stick to the plan.


I am a mother of three children. I have struggled with my weight ever since the birth of my first child.  I went on other diets but the 3 day military diet was effortless. Before getting on the diet I turned to food for comfort.  Any time I felt worried, depressed or sad I would eat. Because of this habit of mine I shot up to around 230 pounds. I couldn’t believe this person that would look at me in the mirror. Was this really me?  Thankfully, I used the 3-day military diet and I have loved the results. I know I'm not supposed to stay on the diet for weeks at a time but when I first started I went for 5 straight weeks.  But it really was easy because I never felt hungry.  I managed to lose at least 20 pounds the first 2 weeks! 


I work as a receptionist in the same building as a health care clinic.  I see doctors and nurses all day.  They are constant reminders to take care of my health and my body. I feel like I'm judged quite a bit on the shape and of my body.  Overall healthy comes in many forms and shapes.  But if it comes down to a simple choice I would rather be slender.

We all know how easy it can be sometimes to get into bad habits.  Sometimes my shifts were at odd times and I had a hard time adjusting my diet.  It was even worse when I had to travel for work.  I never exercised and ate even worse than normal.  This made my weight and health really go on a roller coaster. Fast food was easy and quick.  I  felt awful throughout the day and noticed that the scale kept inching higher and higher.  I felt stuck.

I started searching for a program to help me lose weight. I tried many different programs but had little lasting success. Of course when I first found the 3 day military diet I was very skeptical.  How could I eat these weird foods and still lose weight?

Well I decided to go with the plan anyway.  I figured I wasn't out much.  There were no pills, potion, or special foods that I had to order.  The food was cheaper than my normal diet so I was actually saving money. I was also pretty excited by some of the results that others had gotten. 

​The first day was the hardest but even then it wasn't that difficult because I wasn't too hungry.  But biggest temptation was to just snack.  I was also a habitual Diet Coke drinker.  I thought no calorie drinks were OK but I think they give you more of an urge to overeat.  I read on how important it is to drink water and lots of it.  So I did my best to drink lots of water.

​Amazing, the diet worked. I wasn't one of these military diet success stories that lost 10 pounds in the first week.  But within 10 days I had lost nearly 5 pounds. My coworkers and even my boss told me that I looked great.  Since then I have lost an additional 13 pounds. I am almost to my target weight and it has taken almost zero willpower on my part.  I can't encourage this diet enough!

South Africa

I am an executive assistant in an office where my job is to meet people on the behalf of my office manager. My job is to make appointment and meet with associates on behalf of my boss.  I was always self conscious of my body when meeting new people.

Your beauty can be an asset. This was especially true at my job. The busy schedules would make me crave for junk food and other sugary treats. I worked long hours and the more stressful my job was the more I would eat.  The more I ate the more weight I gained.

I used to feel that some of my colleagues were losing weight and were looking good. They introduced me to the 3 Day Military Diet Plan.  To say I was surprised was be a huge understatement! When they first told me I honestly thought it was a joke.  I really didn't think it could be as easy as it was.  But I decided to give it a try anyway.

Giving up my desserts were hard.  And being at parties drinking water wasn't the most exciting thing in the world.  But I was committed to keeping the diet and losing weight.  And that was exactly what happened.

I would definitely recommend this program to my family and friends. I'm thrilled that I was even asked to be part of the military diet success stories section!


Greg didn't give us much of an explanation on his diet.  He simply sent in the pictures.  Can't argue with the results!

Military Diet - Before and After

And below we have the most famous of the military diet before and after photos. Trina's picture went a little viral on Pinterest.  She documented her journey on instagram and a little on twitter.  We've retweeted just about every one of her tweets on @military3day

Military Diet - Before and After - Trina

Please leave your military diet success stories below.  If you want to be featured on this article send us an email with your contact information.  We may ask for a small head shot to feature your story.

Top 5 tips to Make the 3 Day Military Diet Plan More Effective

Top 5 tips to make the 3 Day Military Diet Plan More Effective

The 3 Day Military Diet is one of the fastest way to lose weight. If you follow the diet you are almost guaranteed to reach your weight loss goals. It does take discipline though. And that is where the name of the diet came from. It takes the discipline of a soldier to follow it. The diet is easy because you aren't hungry and low energy. But once you slip up you may tumble a bit. That is why we have a few suggestions and tips. Following are the top 5 tips to make the 3 day military diet plan more effective.

#1. Don't Cheat on the Military Diet

The military diet is easy. You don't want to cheat by eating more calories. And you also don't want to cheat by eating less than what the diet outlines. The plan is in place to maximize success. If you go into the 3 day military diet planning on cheating then you are planning on failing. Conversely if you plan on eating less calories on the diet you will also probably fail. At some point your willpower will give in and you will binge.

Some undertake the plan expecting they will see results in just a few days. For some this is the case. For others it will take time to show the weight lost from the first day. Every body is different. Sticking to the diet plan is the way to go. Simply make the decision that you will do all you can do. Be honest with yourself

#2. Take up a Regular Workout to Make the 3 Day Military Diet Plan More Effective

Make a weekly exercise plan.  Please do not overdo it on your workouts.  This is especially true on a low calorie diet like the 3 day military diet.  I need to emphasize this.  Do not overdo it on your workouts.  Overdoing it on your workouts can nullify your efforts and leave you with no more willpower to get up and do it the next day.  There is so much good that you can do just by simply walking.  No need to start out with grueling 2 hour sessions in the gym.  Take it slow.  Walk for a few weeks.  If you feel like you can do more then great!  But don’t fuel a fire so hot in yourself that you burn yourself out.

Also when you back up the 3 day military diet with exercise you are telling your brain that you mean business.  You are less likely to cheat and have a much higher rate of success. Not to mention that you actually will burn fat. Regular workouts also have the bonus of balancing out certain hormones and necessary for metabolic functions which can increase weight loss. Simple exercises like can give you delightful results.

#3.  Keep Your Energy Up by Eating Everything on the plan

We get questions along the lines of:

“Can you do less calories when on the military diet?”

“What’s the least amount of calories you can eat on the diet?”

“What’s the best foods to cut out of the diet?”

Some have eaten less on the diet. And surprisingly it has worked for a small few.  The vast majority of dieters that cut out items fall victim to diet fatigue and fall off the diet. Rather than risking the chance of falling off we recommend staying on the diet.  Also you need enough energy throughout the day to function.  The military diet is low calorie enough.  Stick to the diet for 3 days.  After that you work out what is best for you on the maintenance eating.

 #4. Take Advantage of the Military Diet Four Days Off

There are some that will go crazy and start the diet over every 3 days.  This is dangerous and can lead to diet fatigue.  We recommend eating normally.  Hopefully that means a slight caloric deficit each day.  If you really feel the need to lose weight and lose it quick take the energy you have out at the gym.  Having 4 days off will build up willpower and energy for your next successful round of the 3 day military diet.

#5. Get Enough Rest at Night is The Essential Way to Make the 3 Day Military Diet Plan More Effective

Studies have found that sleeping too little prompts people to eat bigger portions of all foods, increasing weight gain. And in a review of 18 studies, researchers found that a lack of sleep led to increased cravings for energy-dense, high-carbohydrate foods. Also not getting enough sleep will make an imbalance no prescription drugs of important hormones in the brain.

Ghrelin signals your brain that it’s time to eat. When you’re sleep-deprived, your body makes more ghrelin.

Leptin, on the other hand, cues your brain to put the fork down. When you’re not getting enough sleep, leptin levels plummet, signaling your brain to eat more food.

Many times there is also a cortisol spike that comes from not getting enough sleep. Cortisol is a stress hormone that will signal your body to conserve fat.

For the sleep deprived and hungry this is a dangerous hormone recipe.  With the brain making more Ghrelin and Corisol and not the body not getting enough Leptin, one of the quickest ways to gaining weight is to not get enough rest.  If this was a list of 10 ways to make the 3 day military diet plan more effective, getting enough sleep would be 3 items.  It really is that important!


Keep in mind the points suggested above.  They are only suggestions to make the 3 day military diet plan more effective.  You know your body and your limits. Follow the plan and expect it to work wonders.  It really is a simple plan that works!

3 Day Military Diet Shopping List

3 Day Military Diet Shopping List

The Military Diet shopping list is easy.  It is made up of basic items.  In most case you probably already have some of the items to begin with.  One of the great things about the military diet shopping list is that it is made up of everyday foods.  No outrageous diet items here.  Of course any food that is abused has the potential for you to gain weight.  That is no different with the items on the military diet.  Portion control is the name of the game. And the fact that you are able to get diets from many different food sources keeps you well-nourished and won’t zap your energy like other diets.  The 3 day military diet will is low calorie.  But  the diet will give you enough calories to feel energized throughout the 3 days of the diet each week.

Four Days off on the Military Diet

You know exactly what you should eat on the 3 days of the military diet. While shopping it may may be a good idea to think ahead and shop for the days that you will not be dieting. Remember that we don’t want to binge or over do our 4 days off.

We cover most of this in our FAQS.  After your 3 heavily regulated 3 days you will more or less be off the 3 day military diet. You can go back to basic normal eating routines and be responsible for coming up with your own menus those days.

When you want to help yourself lose weight without jeopardizing the work you have done on Days 1-3, you should avoid buying lots of the food that caused you to gain weight in the first place.   We all know what our favorite bad foods are.  And no food by itself is bad if eaten in moderation.  It’s when we go overboard that we really get into trouble.  Fried foods, candy, soda, and processed foods can be eaten as treats when you eat just a small portion of them.   But if you have a full bag of Rolos staring you in the face it is going to be a lot harder to resist temptation.  Better off to leave the bag on the shelf at the grocery store.

If you only buy things that are reasonable in caloric and sugar content you will only have sensible foods at home. Then your only real big temptation is going out to eat or getting unhealthy takeout.  But there we have inertia on our side.  You should also remember todrink plenty of water  throughout the military diet.  I probably mention that in every single page of this website.  But it really is important!  It flushes out toxin, it helps you feel fuller,  it keeps you alert, it reduces sugar cravings, etc.  Water simply helps you lose weight and makes you healthier overall. Water will also help with constipation that is a big problem when trying to lose weight.

What is the Military Diet Shopping list made of?

The military diet is simply eating foods that work well together. So the military diet shopping list is made up of simple foods.  The diet is the most basic foods in the American diet. Buying is simple which make the military diet shopping list ridiculously easy. The foods are cheap and are almost nearly universally available.  Of course if you plan on doing the diet for more than one week you will need to multiple the shopping list accordingly.

Enough Coffee or Green tea for 2 cups

1 Grapefruit

2 Bananas

2 Apples

3 Eggs

3 cans Tuna or Salmon

2 Hot dogs

3 ounces of any type of meat

Green beans - Better fresh but they don't have to be

Broccoli (small head)

Carrots (1/2 cup) - Baby carrots work great

Small tub of Cottage cheese

Small amount of Cheddar cheese

1/2 pint of Vanilla Ice Cream

Peanut Butter

Whole Wheat Bread

Saltine crackers

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Military Diet Calorie Count

Military Diet Calories

The Military Diet is low calorie, but not so low that you can't function.

Below is a list of each food in the diet and exactly how many calories you will get from each food.​

The 3 day military diet is beautiful in its simplicity.  You follow the meals, don’t cheat, and you lose weight.  It really is that simple.  The meals are balanced with the proper nutrition that one needs throughout the day.  There is no feeling groggy, lightheaded, or spacey because you are eating.  And you are eating throughout the day.  The military diet calories are low enough throughout the diet that you lose weight but not so low that you can’t function.  Below is a list of all the military diet calories and how many calories you get from each food.

The Military Diet is Balanced

Nutrition is basically made up of the following:

  • Carbohydrates
  • Proteins
  • Fats
  • Fiber
  • Water
  • Minerals
  • Vitamins


When not on a diet it is important try and get a healthy mix of all of the above. When on the military diet you will restrict calories from some of all the 7 nutritional categories but the diet takes the highest swipe at carbohydrates.

It is important to eat the foods on the diet.  We recommend that you stay away from substitutions but they are there if you need them.  It isn’t necessarily a calorie for calories substitution because not all calories are made equally.  The military diet calories are derived from foods that give you a balanced diet.  We hear a lot of about how you shouldn’t be eating hot dogs or ice cream ever.  But that simply isn’t the case.  Hot dogs and ice cream are great when used in moderation.  If you ate 2000 calories a day of nothing but ice cream and hot dogs then we would have a problem.  But a couple of hot dogs with no buns and 2 1/2 cups of ice cream spread throughout the 3 day military diet is great.

Military Diet Calories by Food Item

1/2 Grapefruit26
1 Slice of Whole Wheat Toast69
2 Tablespoons of Peanut Butter188
1 cup Coffee or Tea1
4 Ounces of Tuna210
1 Slice of Whole Wheat Toast69
1 cup Coffee or Tea1
3 ounces of any type of meat215
1 cup of green beans31
1/2 banana52
1 small apple100
1 cup of vanilla ice cream137
1 egg78
1 Slice of Whole Wheat Toast69
1/2 banana52
1 cup of cottage cheese222
1 hard boiled egg78
5 saltine crackers65
2 hot dogs (no bun)320
1 cup of broccoli31
1/2 cup of carrots25
1/2 banana52
1/2 cup of vanilla ice cream69
5 saltine crackers65
1 slice (1 ounce) of cheddar cheese115
1 small apple100
1 hard boiled egg78
1 Slice of Whole Wheat Toast69
1 cup of tuna418
1/2 banana52
1 cup of vanilla ice cream137

Of course we know that not all calories are equal. If diets were just about counting calories then there would be a lot more sucessful dieters in the world.  And it would be great if everything we did burned calories from fat.  Once again that is a myth. The body does burn calories from fat but not always.  The body can burn stored calories from fat.  But it also can use from available carbohydrates or even proteins.  It is a good idea to recognize how many calories you are putting in your body but it rarely is a long-term solution. Most want to know the military diet calories so they can cut back even further.  We recommend against this. See the 5 tips to Make the 3 Day Military Diet Plan More Effective for more details on why that is probably a bad idea.

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It may seem strange to bring up the term “addiction” in conjunction with the military diet.  Be we get many questions[...]
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Variations of the Military Diet

Military Diet Variations

The 3 Day Military Diet can be a drain on some.  It can be impossible for others.  We think the diet works great but there are others that simply can’t do what the diet wants them to do.  Of course, there are others that simply don’t want to follow the diet.  

If you aren’t going to go full-on with the military diet plan then we at least recommend you try some substitutions.  If that isn’t possible then we suggest doing what you can on the diet and trying to stick to low calorie meals for the rest.  There are thousands of recipes for low sugar and low calorie meals.  

We're not big proponent of counting calories. We've tried it and failed. Others have tried it and failed. Counting calories makes you think about food all the time. And you normally gravitate towards what you think about. Weight Watchers and plugging your meals into your phone all day long isn't a long-term healthy eating solution.

Thin people don’t count calories.  They eat intuitively and normally choose what they feel are healthy foods.  They certainly don’t starve themselves. Many times when people are on diets they are hungry.  This of course leads to the first law of diets.  

  • Restricting will Always lead to Binging

Our favorite diet is obviously the 3 day military diet.  But when not on a diet we feel it is best to eat intuitively.  If you are obsessed about every bit of food that crosses your lips you’ll be thinking about food 24/7.  When we say eating intuitively we mean making peace with food.  Food is there, you are hungry and you will eat. Guild isn’t helpful.  Do what you can to eat low calorie or nutritious foods and get shamming yourself.  

Our favorite way of intuitively eating is to be mindful of what we eat and focus on low calorie meals when possible.  And there is no suchlenty of vegetables.

Foods aren’t created equal.  That is another reason calorie counting doesn’t work. A calorie doesn’t necessarily equal a calorie.  Do you think you are better of if you eat 300 calories of Twinkies or a 300 calorie salad?  And our favorite way of intuitively eating is to eat low calorie meals with plenty of vegetables.

Our Favorite Meats Used in Low Calorie Cooking

Proteins make you feel full​

So How is this a Variation of the 3 Day Military Diet?

We would love it if you could stay on the 3 day military diet until you reached your weight loss goal.  The three day diet isn't bad for most.  It is filling and keeps your energy up.  After the 3 days are up eating healthy for the 4 days off is essential.  We have a link at the end of the article for some ideal recipes.  But if none of this diet regimen doesn't work then try eating low calorie foods.  

The world is your oyster with low calorie cooking.  You have your choice of thousands of recipes.  You don't have to go hungry on your 4 days off with the military diet.  You shouldn't go hungry ever.  It's never a long term solution.  You also shouldn't go overboard and binge eat.  But you don't want to deprive yourself of too much. Remember that diet fatigue is one of the main reasons that diets fail. 

Healthy eating nowadays is associated with low sugar meals and an abundance of vegetables.  Some research has shown that even low carbohydrate meals are healthier than other dietary methods.  And with a simple protein and some delicious vegetables for most meals it is easy to eat healthy.

If A Diet Feels Like Constant Work Then it Isn’t a Long Term Solution

Many people feel tired and lethargic throughout the day because of their diets.  If you can't function on a diet then it's not really a diet.  It is torture.  Luckily we know of healthy solutions.  Recently there has been a rise in the popularity of low starch and more vegetables in our everyday diets and even more fats instead of carbohydrates.  This type of eating is basically textbook for most healthy-eating diets. There are very few that will disagree with this type of eating for overall better health. It is also easy and delicious to eat this way day after day.

The ease of eating low calorie meals keeps our waistlines in check and keeps our energy high (after a few days to adjust).  I suppose it isn't much of a Military Diet variation as a different way of life.  It may not be as effective as the 3 day military diet but it is something that you can do for extended periods of time.

Other Favorite Ingredients Used in Low Carb Cooking

There is no such thing as too many vegetables.  On your 4 days off feel free to eat unlimited vegetables​.  Legumes are also fantastic.

Military Diet Variations

Seth Kolloen has some great ideas of military diet meals that could be used.  At the very least they would be great for the 4 days off that we aren’t on the diet.  Because the last thing we want to do on our 4 days off would be to binge and put back on the weight that we worked so hard to get off.

I wasn't eating the right kinds of calories. I didn't know about healthy carbs such as brown rice and lentils. Now I eat small meals throughout the day: oatmeal with cinnamon to start, fruit and yogurt as a snack, and vegetables or with chicken or tuna, and a healthy carb, like a yam, for lunch.

Allison Sweeney

The first thing I did was give up sweet tea because I drank so much. I'd start drinking at lunchtime and wouldn't set it down until I went to bed. When you calculate how much empty calories and how much sugar I was consuming, it was staggering. So I haven't had a glass of sweet tea in three years.

Paula Deen          

Does the Military Diet Work?

Does the Military Diet Really Work?

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of different diets out there. So why is the military diet so popular? Does the Military Diet work? Would eating a simple diet of of toast, tuna, and a hot dog or two for only 3 days out of the week really work? The answer is yes. And the power behind it is the reduced temptation and the synergy of the foods eaten. We’ve answered the question if the military diet works in our Military Diet FAQS but it is worth exploring further.

There are the diets detractors that say the diet isn’t nutritious.  Their main complaint seems to be because of the hot dogs and the vanilla ice cream as part of the dinner. The word nutrition is thrown around a lot in the diet world.  Why should we choke down romaine lettuce instead of iceberg when clearly iceberg tastes better? Apparently because “nutrition” told us to.

Does the Military Diet Work Because it is Nutritious?

Nutrition is simply the process of obtaining the food necessary for health and growth.  This requires a balance of foods.  The body requires 7 main components to be healthy.  These pillars of nutrition are:

  • Carbohydrates
  • Proteins
  • Fats
  • Fiber
  • Water
  • Minerals
  • Vitamins

All 7 of these are present in the 3 day military diet.  Does the Military Diet Work because it full of kale and rhubarb?  No it is full of normal food and that is where its success lies.  The diet isn’t unhealthy by any means.  In fact, this diet is healthier than most Americans eat regularly.  If you ate nothing but hot dogs and ice cream all day you might run into some problems.  Many have been on the diet for 3 days and then immediately go on the diet for another 3 days.  This isn’t recommended because you can slow down your metabolism eating so few calories each day. This doesn’t do your metabolism any favors but it is no problem nutritionally.

Losing weight is more about how much you eat not necessarily what you eat.  Years ago there was a professor that lost weight on Twinkies, Nutty bars, and Powdered donuts. He did take a multivitamin and had sporadic vegetables.  But the mysterious part of the experiment was that he was healthier after his “convenience store” diet.  His “bad” cholesterol, or LDL, dropped 20 percent and his “good” cholesterol, or HDL, increased by 20 percent. He reduced his level of triglycerides, which are a form of fat, by 39 percent.  I’m sure someone called him out for not having the right level of “nutrition”.  But he lost weight and he was healthier.  It is pretty clear that his diet worked for him.

Do what works for you, Diet or no Diet

Everybody is different and everyone’s body is different.  Some just can’t seem to “eat right”. And some will never now what that means.  There are those out in the nutrition world that claim the definition of eating right is eating nothing but vegetables.  But what is right for you may not work for your neighbor.   There are people that can lose weight if they stick to eating candy as long as they have to unwrap it.  Others can drink and smoke heavily clear into their 100’s.  That doesn’t mean that you should follow in their path.  The point is to do what works for you.  Does the Military Diet Work because it has candy, Twinkies, and Nutty bars?  No!  The 3 Day Military diet works because it makes it easy.   It takes the decision making out of the process.  Some doctors claim that willpower is a finite resource.  They claim that the more you use the less you have to use.

How Does the Military Diet work if you are only on it for 3 Days?

You know what you have to eat for breakfast.  You know what lunch is.  You know what to expect for dinner.  There’s no guesswork.  The 3 day military diet probably didn’t originate from the military.  It is based on following the diet like a soldier follows orders.  And if you follow the diet like a soldier, and don’t cheat, you will lose weight.  It is only 3 days at a time.  It’s easy enough for anyone to follow.

How Does the Military Diet Work out to be Cheaper?

Another benefit of the diet is that it’s cheap.  Real cheap.  Did companies like Bally Total Fitness, Gold’s Gym , 24 Hour Fitness, Weight Watchers International, NutriSystem, eDiets and Jenny Craig get to be billion dollar business because Americans are happy with how they look and feel?  No. The average diet works out to a costly $85.79 a week — that’s 58 percent more than the $54.44 the average single American spends on food each week.  The Sugar Busters diet is a diet based on baked turkey breast and vegetables. It has shown a lot higher success rate than the average American diet and it was cheaper.  Diets that take the decision and temptation out of the dieters hands have a much better chance of working. And real foods work better than “special” diet foods and expensive pills.

And how is it that a diet ended up being more expensive anyway?  Diets are about consuming less.  Many diets have an element of exercise and that is healthy and important.  But losing weight starts and ends in the kitchen.  Very few can burn enough calories to eat what they want.  To lose weight you simply need to take in fewer calories than you are burning.  And if you are consuming less calories on a diet why are they more expensive than normal eating?

You don’t need Jenny Craig or Nutrisystem food.  Many diets of basic foods that keep you satisfied and full of energy will do much better than starving yourself or eating “special” food that is supposed to make a difference.  You would be better off eating junk food as long as you kept your calories lower than your basal metabolic rate.

How much can I lose on the 3 Day Meal Plan?

The 3 day Military Diet is based on 7 days.  3 days of the plan the dieter is restricted to around 1200-1300 calories.  After the 3 days you return to eating normal.  This does not mean to eat like a starving pilgrim! If you normally eat 2,000 calories to maintain your weight, then stick to the 2,000 calories.  If you don’t normally have a coke after lunch then you can’t have a coke after the diet.  You don’t want to play catch up.  There is no reward in food or drink.  The reward is losing weight.

 So how much weight can you lose?  This is the trickiest question of the bunch.  It’s a hard question to answer because everyone has a different basal metabolic rate.  A person’s basal metabolic rate is the rate of calories your body uses just to sustain itself.  Some have higher metabolisms than others. The diet is the same for an athletic guy weighing 240 lbs. and for a small woman in her 70’s.  Obviously the higher the metabolic rate and lifestyle the higher the weight loss.  But losing 10 lbs in a week is not uncommon.

Military Diet Snacks

Snacks?  There aren’t any.  It is 3 meals a day.  We address snacks in our Military Diet FAQS.

Hypothetically if someone wanted to spread out their meal a bit, that is allowed.  But there are no snacks on the 3 day diet plan.  The meal plan works because certain foods are eaten together.  The foods are chemically balanced to maximize fat burning and to help metabolism.  There is nothing magic about it.  The real magic is in the low calorie count and how the foods will keep your energy up.  One of the main reasons that diets fail is because dieters have low energy and lose will power.

Snacks are a modern day invention.  Our ancestors didn’t have easy access to snacks.  They gorged when food was available and fasted when food wasn’t.  Our biology is set up to make us feel hungrier when we eat more.  This is dangerous and results in weight gain.  Train you body to eat 3 meals a day (still probably more than our ancestors) and you will consume less calories.

Military Diet Success Stories

Does the Military Diet Work only on paper or is it a diet that works in real-time? Just about every diet I have ever seen has its success stories.  The military diet is no different.    The forums of the internet are full of those that have lost weight on the diet.  And conversely, every diet has its detractors.  The military diet is the same as well.  There is more than one claim that the diet is nothing but hogwash.  Diet and weight loss is nothing more than what we put into it.  If you expect great results and do all you can you will be successful on the 3 day military diet.

Many ask does the military diet work only if you work out hard.  I think these are those that watch The Biggest Loser and are used to fat people running around doing silly exercises all day.  90% of a weight loss plan starts and ends in the kitchen.  This is why the military diet is powerful.

You’ll be Surprised with How Well it Works

We know that there are many diets out there that work.  But some diets work better than others and some are easier than others.  Like we mentioned above, everyone is different.  Fasting works well to lose weight but it isn’t easy. If you want a balance of a weight loss plan that is quick and relatively easy try the 3 day military diet.  The power of the diet is that the plan is laid out for you and food works well to give you everything you need to not suffer like some diets make you suffer.  We feel the 3 day military diet is the easiest way to shed weight fast.  Give it a try.  You’ll be surprised at how well it works.