Day 3 – Three Day Military Diet Menu

Day 3 of the Three Day Military Diet is the last day. Three days go by quick! And once you get through today you will be back to eating normal for 4 days. You should be still feeling good. Some will have a little bit lower energy and that is fine. Stick with the three day military diet. Our brains sometimes don’t want us to be thin but we are smart than that.

The impulse for food is ingrained in our brains. For thousands of years humans haven’t had enough to eat. It has just been in the last few decades that overeating and weight gain has been as big of a problem as it is. Our biology wants us to eat. That’s the reason that eating feels so good! Our brain tells us that the higher the calories the better. Fried foods, sugary foods, processed foods….the brain loves it! But we can overcome our lizard impulses and get the bodies we want with the three day military diet! And we will feel better in the process and reach our goal weight.

Day 3 of the Three Day Military Diet is the lowest calorie day.  The payoff is all in dinner though. Just get through breakfast and lunch and you are golden.  You get a relatively big dinner and get to have your 4 maintenance days.

Day 2 only gave us 1/2 cup of ice cream for dinner. Today we are back to a full cup.  The tuna (or salmon) portion is also much more generous than lunch of day 2.  

Day 3 of the Three Day Military Diet (approx. 1,100 calories)

Day 3 - Breakfast

Day 3 - Three Day Military Diet

5 saltine crackers – Tempting to spice these up with toppings other than the cheddar cheese. Resist temptation!


1 slice (1 ounce) cheddar cheese

Day 3 - Three Day Military Diet

1 small apple


Day 3 - Lunch

Day 2 - Three Day Military Diet

1 egg – Many prefer hard-boiled because of the grease restriction. But the egg can be cooked how you like it as long as you follow the rules.


1 slice toast – Whole grain bread is preferable


Day 3 - Dinner

Day 1 - Three Day Military Diet

1 cup tuna or 1 cup salmon (8 ounces)

Day 2 - Three Day Military Diet

1/2 banana

Day 1 of the 3 day military Diet

1 cup vanilla ice cream – Back to a full cup!


And that’s it!  That’s the entire Three Day Military Diet.  Now there are 4 days of normal eating.  It’s important not to go overboard the next 4 days. We’re not trying to play catch-up on our calorie count.  But we can go back to eating normal and enjoy our weight loss.  If we aren’t satisfied with our weight loss then we can repeat the cycle.  But we do want to give ourselves a few days off so our metabolism doesn’t slow.

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Cathy - November 7, 2016

I am on day three of the military eating regimen and I can hardly wait for tomorrow. I wouldn’t recommend that anybody attempt this eating regimen unless you have been reducing and watching what you eat for some time some time recently. It is difficult to go from eating whatever you need and the amount you need to doing this three day”fast”. I asylum just felt full directly in the wake of having supper. Whatever remains of the time I am starving. I am drinking huge amounts of water to attempt to help with the appetite. I have found that biting a bit of gum when I have a feeling that I am going to go out helps a bit. On the splendid side, I weighed 140 the day preceding I began and I weighed 130 today. I will attempt to do it again one week from now however I am not certain that I will make it every one of the three days. I am beginning my workout tomorrow and will restrict myself to around 1500 calories a day from here out to endeavor to keep up. No sugar, almost no carbs and still, at the end of the day just the great ones.


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