Military Diet Infographic

Are words sometimes hard?  Wouldn’t it be great sometimes if you could just get a quick look at the military diet?  Well here is an infographic that pretty much sums up the diet. Don’t forget to take 4 days off.

Military Diet Infographic

Kind of a fun infographic right? It's on this flickr account. 

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Loraine - October 10, 2016

Ha! Nice graphic

3 week diet review or scam in my review - October 17, 2016

Can I use this infographic?

Joselyn - November 5, 2016

Did you make this Military Diet Infographic? I’d like to post it on my site. I’ll give you credit for it. Let me know if that is a problem. Thanks!

holly - November 13, 2016

Nice Infographic! What site did you use?

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