3 Day Military Diet Shopping List

3 Day Military Diet Shopping List

The Military Diet shopping list is easy.  It is made up of basic items.  In most case you probably already have some of the items to begin with.  One of the great things about the military diet shopping list is that it is made up of everyday foods.  No outrageous diet items here.  Of course any food that is abused has the potential for you to gain weight.  That is no different with the items on the military diet.  Portion control is the name of the game. And the fact that you are able to get diets from many different food sources keeps you well-nourished and won’t zap your energy like other diets.  The 3 day military diet will is low calorie.  But  the diet will give you enough calories to feel energized throughout the 3 days of the diet each week.

Four Days off on the Military Diet

You know exactly what you should eat on the 3 days of the military diet. While shopping it may may be a good idea to think ahead and shop for the days that you will not be dieting. Remember that we don’t want to binge or over do our 4 days off.

We cover most of this in our FAQS.  After your 3 heavily regulated 3 days you will more or less be off the 3 day military diet. You can go back to basic normal eating routines and be responsible for coming up with your own menus those days.

When you want to help yourself lose weight without jeopardizing the work you have done on Days 1-3, you should avoid buying lots of the food that caused you to gain weight in the first place.   We all know what our favorite bad foods are.  And no food by itself is bad if eaten in moderation.  It’s when we go overboard that we really get into trouble.  Fried foods, candy, soda, and processed foods can be eaten as treats when you eat just a small portion of them.   But if you have a full bag of Rolos staring you in the face it is going to be a lot harder to resist temptation.  Better off to leave the bag on the shelf at the grocery store.

If you only buy things that are reasonable in caloric and sugar content you will only have sensible foods at home. Then your only real big temptation is going out to eat or getting unhealthy takeout.  But there we have inertia on our side.  You should also remember todrink plenty of water  throughout the military diet.  I probably mention that in every single page of this website.  But it really is important!  It flushes out toxin, it helps you feel fuller,  it keeps you alert, it reduces sugar cravings, etc.  Water simply helps you lose weight and makes you healthier overall. Water will also help with constipation that is a big problem when trying to lose weight.

What is the Military Diet Shopping list made of?

The military diet is simply eating foods that work well together. So the military diet shopping list is made up of simple foods.  The diet is the most basic foods in the American diet. Buying is simple which make the military diet shopping list ridiculously easy. The foods are cheap and are almost nearly universally available.  Of course if you plan on doing the diet for more than one week you will need to multiple the shopping list accordingly.

Enough Coffee or Green tea for 2 cups

1 Grapefruit

2 Bananas

2 Apples

3 Eggs

3 cans Tuna or Salmon

2 Hot dogs

3 ounces of any type of meat

Green beans - Better fresh but they don't have to be

Broccoli (small head)

Carrots (1/2 cup) - Baby carrots work great

Small tub of Cottage cheese

Small amount of Cheddar cheese

1/2 pint of Vanilla Ice Cream

Peanut Butter

Whole Wheat Bread

Saltine crackers

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3 week diet review or scam in my review - September 13, 2016

Thank you for having this list together! It is just one step quicker starting this military diet. I’m hoping that it goes as well for me as it has for others on this site!

3 week diet review - September 20, 2016

Great article.

3 week diet - October 11, 2016

You’ve made it pretty simple. Now what else do I need at the store? 😛

3 day military diet menu - November 14, 2016

This is the exact 3 day military diet menu that I needed. Thanks!

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