The HCG Diet Plan

As this blog gets older, we are branching out more and more. Recently we just wrote about top selling weight loss pills. That’s an article I never thought I would write on this website. But the truth is that many consider the three day diet  a fad diet.  We don’t feel like that is the case because this diet actually takes work to see results.  If something is easy then it is probably a scam or not worth doing.  Along those lines we recently interviewed multiple people about the hcg diet plan.

Dave's HCG Diet Review

My real name isn't Dave, but I have a hcg diet review. I have never loved talking about myself.  But I hope it helps those who are desperate, and want to lose weight. I feel like the many that frequent or other diet forums. I've tried many diets, some worked some didn't. I've even paid almost $1,600 last year for a miracle program that I describe below.  I did lose weight but I was hungry a lot.  I mean like really hungry.  I don't know how I had the willpower to get through the experience.

This was my experience with the (unnamed) clinic.

My first visit to the (fat) facility I dealt with some serious "salesmanship". Looking back on it, they did everything they could to have me sign their contract.  Obviously they were incentivized. They promised me that I'd lose at least 20 lbs weight lost inside 40 days or my cash back. Subsequently, I gave them $1,600. They promised they I would have amazing support and they would be there every step of the way.  On that first day they gave me a weight loss help manual, a bottle of hormone-free "special drops, a container of ThyoVen, a container of RenaVen, some sort of purifying elixir and a Metabolism Solution (which I'm pretty sure isn't really a thing).
I'm not super mad at their program. But all I got for my money was a 500 calorie a day diet that consisted of lean meats and leafy vegetables.  If I needed to spend $1,600 to learn that lesson then it is probably money well spent.  Their supplements may have helped although I'm not positive on that one.  The HCG drops definitely helped because it made it so that my body was burning fat and not muscle.  I'm a big fan of the HCG but not necessarily the other stuff I had to take.
During the program, I never received a follow up with the promised non-medical doctor or anyone else on their staff to see how I was doing. However, I did go twice for a weigh-in. The second time they tried to sell me another package. To my surprise, I thought the $1,600 was for a complete package. But it was NOT. To be honest I was happy with the weight I shed but I felt I did not get the support they promised. I never saw the original salesperson even though she sold herself as more of a trainer/supporter. They also promised trained medical professionals would be there for every step of the way. The people I interacted with were not medical professionals. 

I could go on with my story but I know it isn't an unfamiliar one. I'm sure many have been through something like the above. Many I've talked to have an identical story.  After about six months I had gained a little bit of weight back.  Plus I wasn't at my ideal weight anyway. I had marginal success on the program but any system that has you eating 500 calories a day is going to result in at least some weight loss.

I started to do my own research. I had to put in the time to figure out if the hcg diet plan could work without it costing a fortune.  I think it was one of the wisest decision of my life. I literally saved myself thousand of dollars and who knows how many years of life because of my weight loss.

I found this product called "Transformation Weight Loss Drops" from BSkinny Global. It is kind of a silly name but it is supposed to be coupled with ThyroVen and Renaven (or a generic).  Some claim that you need the metabolism but I'm pretty sure that is just rose petal water.  But the moral of the story is to not go to an expensive clinic with pretty/skinny/young salespeople.  Save your money and buy online.

I think these drops work as well as the hormone free weight loss drops I received at the clinic! I’m thinking they used the same product under a different label. A colleague of mine says that happens with most things.  You think the WalMart butter is made by Walmart? Think again.  It's the same butter you pay a premium for, it is just packaged differently. Orange juice, weight loss pills, hcg diet drops, milk, etc.  They're all basically the same thing.

​Don't be a sucker and spend hundreds of dollars for your hcg diet drops

If you have the discipline to stay on a program, then find yourself some hcg diet plan drops, and only eat 500 calories a day.  I really don't think it matters what type of calories you eat. It really could be a couple of donuts.  You'll be a lot hungier if you don't eat high fiber foods but you will definitely lose weight.

I use Transformation Weight Loss Drops from a company called BSkinny Global.  I'm sure there are other brands out there that are just as good.  I also use a few other supplements to the HCG but that may just because it is what I got used to with my first experience with the clinic. 

With the drops you will get your HCG diet plan. The drops are the only thing that I have found that have worked for me! The HCG also helps a ton with the hunger. You may not be hungry but do still have to eat. Ironically, you need to eat to lose weight! You may want to buy a book like the The HCG Diet Plan Cookbook to help you on your healthy food selections. But that is only if you don’t plan on eating those two donuts.

Heathers's HCG Diet Review

I'm flattered to be asked about my hcg diet plan experience.  I guess I'm glad that I even have a story.  So many of my weight loss attempts started and ended with me taking some type of supplement.

It seems like the hcg diet plan used to be bigger than it is now.  And there were many that used a needle to get the hcg in thier system.  Actually the first time that I heard about the hcg diet plan a guy at my work was losing weight on it.  But his wife had to give him a shot in the butt every morning.  He also didn't have a ton of energy (read: grouchy).  Luckily that wasn't my experience.

I used the hcg diet drops.  You can find just about anywhere.  And to say they worked for me would be an understatement. I was truly at my wits end before I found the hcg diet plan. I had even tried the three day diet with moderate success (sorry).  My most expensive diet was the Nutrimost program. It cost me almost $3K. I was having heart problems, I was going through some personal issues, and I kind of got suckered into it.  I can say that it did work because I lost 80 pounds in just under a year.  So there are programs out there like Nutrimost that work.  I'm not one that can afford that type of program.  

My sister turned me on to these blue drops.  We have similar body types.  So I instantly became interested if the HCG diet drops would actually work. Would you believe that these little blue drops she had found on the internet were the same drops from Nutrimost that I was dropping a fortune on?

But the bottom line of the HCG diet plan is to get HCG in your system and eat 500-600 calories a day. If you have never eaten 500 calories a day, I will just say that it isn't a lot.

HCG Diet Plan

I was wary to begin with at the type of drops I got. I was pretty sure that I got flavored food coloring. The expensive system I was on had everything spelled out.  But the bottom line of the hcg diet plan is to get HCG in your system and eat 500-600 calories a day.  If you have never eaten 500 calories a day I will just say that it isn't a lot.

I won't bore with the details because there was more to it than just eating less and taking HCG.  It was really really hard. The HCG diet plan isn't for sissies. But in the end I lost 75 pounds and am really rather happy. I'm really near my objective weight now but the ultimate goal is to shed another another 15 pounds. And after I finally found something that my body will respond to, why not? Depending on your BMI, you can lose up to 1/2 to a pound a day. For my present BMI I'm more at 1/2 pound a day.

There is more to the HCG Diet Plan than just HCG drops

Obviously the HCG drops are a huge part of the HCG diet plan.  But it goes much deeper than that.   All weight loss battles are won and lost in the kitchen.  While on the drops you have a really restrictive diet.  The type of diet you are on depends on the type of drops you use.  My experience is only with drops. I don't know much about the HCG diet plan where you actually have to inject yourself.

There was an article in the New York Times about how​ those that lost a bunch of weight have a really hard time keeping the weight off. I've found that to be true.  So nutrition and reduction of sugar in my diet has been my driving force these last 10 months.  I can't prove it but I'm pretty sure my metabolism has slowed down since losing weight.  It is like my body wants to get back to the fluffy, soft person I used to be.

So yes the HCG Diet Plan works because the HCG is a compound that tells the body to burn the fat for energy not your muscles.  But you still have to eat right.  I'll monitor this article for the next few months.  Let me know if you have any questions.  Thanks!​



Royce - November 18, 2016

There is study between HCG and weight pills (some of the more popular ones). One was given HCG and a high protein diet. And another set of overweight folks given 1320 milligrams of Cambogia supplements a day and put on the same diet. Guess which group lost more weight?

Andreas - November 20, 2016

HCG can cause birth defects in an unborn baby, consequently, should be avoided by a pregnant girl or should only be taken under supervision of a certified doctor.

WendyJO - November 20, 2016

100% The HCG plan you use depends on the type of drops you get. Most don’t understand this.

hcg hater - November 23, 2016

The best HCG diet plan is one that is done once. You shouldn’t be like these crazies that do it every few months. I can’t prove it. But I think it will cause damage.

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