Does Kangen Water Benefit Weight Loss?

First off, I need to say that I don't own this machine nor have I ever used one. But we have received a number of emails recently about Kangen Water if it seems a few of our readers want to know does Kangen Water Benefits Weight Loss?

Our Very Own Guinea Pig

We reached out to our friend Teana Jemmitt, who is a licensed dietitian and deals with these oddball questions all the time.  She said that the public has been unusually interested in drinking “alkaline” water recently and many have asked her what it means to be able to keep your body’s pH alkaline and how that can help you lose weight or even cure some diseases.

Teanna is someone that will experiment with just about everything. She thinks that just because something hasn’t been studied conclusively doesn’t mean there is no value in the thing.  In this instance there seems like there is very little un-biased research out there on Kangen water.  That doesn’t necessarily mean that alkaline water has zero health benefits.  But really that is the jist of it.  It hasn’t been studied.  Teanna has found someone with a Kangen Water machine and will let us know in a few months for sure if Kangen Water does have a weight loss benefit.

Kangen Has a Decent Online Presence

The company seems like they do a pretty heavy amount of PR on the internet.  And there are even reports of them try to quash bad reviews.  And if those reports are true it doesn’t necessarily mean that the company itself is doing it.  It could be an individual that is try to sell these machines that is at fault.  The company is structured like an MLM.  So there could be many out there that don’t want negative reviews on amazon or a site like ours.

A reviewer online says what we are thinking with the setup of the company.  If Kangen Water was truly legit it wouldn’t need to set itself up as an MLM.  There would be no one-on-one sales pitch try to sale the machine. A MLM is a huge red-flag most of the time. If Kangen Water helped you melts those pounds away, why not open it to all us unwashed masses instead of a Multi Level Marketing.  If the claims were true I bet Bed-Bath and Beyond wouldn’t be able to keep those guys in stock.

Our Kangen Water Jury is Still Out

We’re not running a huge double-blind study here.  We’re just going to let Teana try out the water for a bit and measure her results.  At least she’ll be a little more scientific about it than we would be.  Kangen machines are supposed to use an Electrolysis Enhancer to enhance the pH level. That is all I really know. Check back with us regularly.  If any of you have any experience with Kangen water let us know the answer to our question: Does Kangen Water Benefits Weight Loss?

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