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Military Diet Review - megan

Editor’s Note: This is Megan’s own experience and she was kind enough to post her 3 day military diet review.

I have mentioned on my own blog and several times here on about my desire to lose weight. I know that it is a goal of many and sometimes isn’t successful. I myself have had many small successes only to put the weight right back on. I thought I would try the military diet and post a military diet review and see if this site would pick it up.

It was last July/August that I really made the decision that I had had enough. I really decided that I was sick of being overweight and promised to really getting healthy seriously. I also planned on writing about my experience. I guess I didn't plan on writing a military diet review on a military diet website, but here we are.


Weight Loss wasn’t in a Straight Line but it was overall Successful

There have been some roller coaster moments.  It seems like I would do well throughout the week.  The weekends where I would go out with friends would torpedo some of the work I did throughout the week.  Monday I would start the 3 day diet.  Monday was no problem.  Tuesday wasn’t so bad. Wednesday, the last day was sort of a challenge.  I always dropped a few pounds these 3 days. My challenge was what to do on the 4 days off.

Throughout the week I was tempted to snack.  Chocolate seems to be something that the more I eat the more I need to eat. I would buy the chocolate with the really high cocoa percentage.  So it didn’t seem like I was consuming a lot of calories on the chocolate snack but I suppose that wasn’t my only problem.Weight Loss Rollercoaster Chart

I am one of the fortunate diets and I lost the promised 10 pounds within the first 10 days.  By the end of last autumn I was down more than 25 lbs. This wasn’t my complete target weight loss and it took my more than 6 weeks to accomplish but it was relatively painless.  I just stayed on the cycle.  I would start the diet on Monday.  I would follow it to the letter for the 3 days and then I would try and eat as normally as possible for my 4 days off.  It was always hard not to binge and go crazy (especially on the weekends) but such is life right?

I’m proud of my weight loss and I’m not sure I could have done it on another diet.  I take that back. I probably could have but the diet did make it rather easy. I just made the decision to stick with it. I do believe that is the hardest part.  I simply had to totally let go of the snack cravings. That sugar will kill any weight loss goals you have.Weight Loss Rollercoaster Chart

Gained Weight back while not on the Diet

After last fall I was down 25 lbs. I did have some up and downs (the aforementioned party weekends) While I luckily did not gain the 25 lbs. back at any point, my eating patterns were back to genuine crap. You can’t stay on a diet forever right? I had a hard time eating healthy when I wasn’t on the diet, but that is something that I need to work on. If I had written my military diet review back then it would have seemed like a smashing success. But I suppose life is a series of ups and downs.

Fast forward to early March of this year. It is not only a good time to get started on dieting for summertime, but I have a few wedding to go this summer. Plus who doesn’t want to look good in a swimsuit?

I was asked to be part of one wedding in the fall. All of us went in to have our bridesmaids dresses tailored and ordered and it was quite a wakeup call! My boyfriend and I were not pleased with how I looked in the gown, he wasn’t the best shape either L.  I had just gained too much weight back.  I was still smaller than I was last year but I think I gained back about half of the weight that I had lost.

My boyfriend had gained some weight as well but he was never on the diet. It was a pretty depressing day! Embarrassed with myself and sad that not only did I never hit my target weight but even slid halfway back was really sad. It didn’t help that two of the other women in the wedding party were ordering sizes 2 and 4! ). And for me this was the final undoing.  I decided that I was really going to go for it. I’m not getting any younger and felt foolish that I hadn’t achieved my health/fitness goals. It finally clicked in my mind that I need to pursue a balanced lifestyle. Not only that, but I love fashion, and at the moment I absolutely loathed shopping for clothes and staring at this body that didn’t feel like was mine.

Back at the 3 Day Military Diet

That following week I started out dieting. I got back on the 3 day military diet. The only reason I waited a few days to commence was because I had a few gift idea cards to restaurants that would likely have been major speed lumps during my road to weight loss had they have been staring at myself in my wallet during my journey. There was also a birthday party for a friend that I knew I would be a little naughty (food-wise) at.  There are a thousand novelty and fad diets out there. I’m sure many have worked for some. There are also thousands of weight loss forums out there that you can feel better about yourself being overweight. I couldn’t take a lot of the negativity, the positively, and the whining.

Wanted Fulfillment from Weight Loss not from a Stranger

I also hated the positively I got from the sites.  It sounds weird to say, but I wanted the good feelings to come from achieving my goals not from some stranger encouraging me on the interwebs. I probably won’t even look at the comments of anywhere that I post this military diet review. The weight loss goal was for me and for me alone.

At the beginning of my weight-loss journey, I went in knowing that may fad diets are just that. You might lose a few pounds and the results are not only varied, but rarely permanent. I needed to do something radical, though, so I made a decision on using the 3 day diet again and to do it every week until I was to my goal. I was really tempted to just stay on it every 3 days but my boyfriend talked me out of it after reading on this website that it can mess with your metabolism.

My Own 3 Day Military Diet Review

The claim that you can lose up to 10 lbs. in three days seem a little excessive to me. , My boyfriend and I were plenty happy with 5! I guess I need to be honest that this review is for my own military diet. I didn’t exactly follow the diet as prescribed on this site.

I will post the exact diet at the end of this military diet review, along with the few substitutions I made. The first go-around was really successful. I lost six lbs.! Was it hard this time around? Absolutely. It seemed harder than when I was successful with the diet last year. The portions are so much smaller than I had been used to before the diet.  It shows just how much I was eating before I got serious about my weight loss goals. I really was hungry a lot. And to be honest, there are of the foods that are part of the program that weren’t something I typically cared for. This, of course, is compounded, without many of my favorite spices or flavor allowed to be added. I suppose it was great that I didn’t love a lot of the foods. But it did kind of make for some dull days. Not everything was easy to swap so I just drew it up and do it.

Momentum is a real thing even in DietingMilitary Diet Review

On my 4 days of maintenance eating I did so gain 3 of those 6 lbs. back.  This was hard on me so I did it again the 2nd week. I lost 6 more pounds and only gained 1 of the lbs. back on the 4 days off.

I only did the 3 day diet plan twice over the span of first two weeks. After doing so well the first time, I was excited to keep going.  I think that is a big secret of dieting.  The more weight you lose the easier it is to keep losing it. And being on the diet for the 3 days motivated me on my 4 days off. The 3 days on helped me with portion control, lowering my carbs, and giving my boyfriend and I a whole new admiration for the flavor of veggies and meats (that aren’t covered in sauces)! I decided to try eating healthy without a strict diet managing the things.  It can get really tiresome keeping track of everything that you put in your mouth. Luckily the weight is still coming off.  I plan on doing an update post here shortly. I also hope to include some photos that can be used in the success section.

Conclusion of the Military Diet Review

So there are many out there that say the military diet is a fad and it can’t help. And to be honest it does seem a little gimmicky. But it did work for me.  But I am of the opinion that just about any diet can work for anyone if they have the determination to see it to the end. The military diet was easy for me because it didn’t take a lot of willpower for me.  My biggest issue with the diet was that I was kind of bored with my meals.  I suppose I am one that gains some enjoyment out of her meals though. But luckily I never felt too hungry (other than the first day of the first time this year).

This is actually the diet, with the substitutions I made proclaimed by an asterisk (*) in addition to italics. The plan I followed and duplicated is out of this website!


(Editor Disclaimer – This website doesn’t endorse some of these Substitutions)


Breakfast: 1/2 Grapefruit, 1 Slice of Bread toasted, 2 Tablespoons of Almond Butter, and Coffee or Tea

*I drank a cup of water with 1/2 tsp of making cookies soda and fruit in place of the grapefruit. I used white wheat bread, untoasted, and put the peanut spread on it. I added 2 packets of Splenda to my coffee (not endorsed by this website I’m sure)

Lunch time: 1/2 Cup of Rondalla, 1 Slice of Bread toasted, and Coffee or Tea (any brew, as long as it’s caffeinated)

*I substituted the tuna for a 1/2 Cup of plain chicken, cooked with Pam Cooking Spray, and seasoned with a tiny amount of salt and cayenne pepper. The bread was complete grain wheat, and I actually added 2 packets of Splenda to my caffeine.

Dinner: 3 ounces of any kind of meat, 1 Glass of Green Beans, .5 Banana, 1 Small Apple, and a single glass of Vanilla Ice Cream

*I ate (roughly) 3 ounces of chicken for my meat. I avoid have a scale to measure food, so I actually more or less just eye balled about a half of a tiny rooster breast. I cooked it in a pan with Pam Cooking Spray and a tiny amount of sodium and pepper, as well as on saving money beans.


Lunch break: 1 egg, 1 Piece of Toast, and half of Banana

*I ate my egg scrambled, with a tiny amount of salt and pepper, with whole materials fresh wheat bread bread toasted. I still drank 2 cups of coffee sweetened with Splenda. I need my caffeine not only to maintain energy, but it’s a fantastic appetite suppressor, too!

Lunch: 1 Glass of Cottage cheese (especially low or non fat) (Or 1 Slice of Cheddar Cheese), 1 Hard Boiled Egg, and 5 Saltine Crackers

*I picked one slice of cheddar, and cooked it with 1 scrambled egg into an omelet, as We just cannot eat hard boiled eggs. Scrambled ova aren’t my favorite thing in the world, either, but much much easier to ingest!

Dinner: 2 Hot Canines (no buns), 1 Glass of Broccoli, 1/2 Glass of Carrots, 1/2 Clown, and 1/2 Cup of Vanilla Goodies

*I used Oscar Mayer regular pig hot dogs. I cooked properly the broccoli in a pan with cooking apply and seasoned with a tiny amount of salt and pepper. I boiled the carrots and used sodium and pepper on them, as well.


Breakfast: 5 Saltine Crackers, 1 Slice of Cheddar Cheese, and 1 Tiny Apple

*I split up the slice of cheddar to eat with my crackers. I saved my apple to act as more of an in between breakfast/lunch snack in an attempt to curb my hunger better at work, and it really helped! I still drank 2 cups of coffee sweetened with Splenda.

Lunch: 1 Hard-Boiled As soon as possible, and 1 Slice of Toast

*I ate a scrambled egg with sodium and pepper on wholegrain wheat toast.

Dinner: a single cup of Rondalla, 1/2 of any Banana, and 1 Cup of Vanilla Ice Cream

*I had 1 cup of bare chicken cooked in a pan with Pam Cooking food Spray and a tiny amount of salt and tear gas instead of the tuna.

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I love reviews. It’s nice when someone is honest about what they are going through instead of trying to sell something.

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BoydIHenrity - September 18, 2016

Very energetic post about the military diet review. I liked it. Will there be considered a part 2? What happens after a few months after the diet? We all know a few people that rebound back up into their previous weight.

Trula - September 23, 2016

Nice Review! it’s nice to read about others’ journey.

BrendaH - September 24, 2016

Thanks for sharing your review. I’ll have a 3 day diet review of my own here shortly.

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Good case study. is the pic fake though?

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Honest review, or at least it seems so.

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I know this post if been up for awhile. How about an update on the military diet review?

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